With sounds that move you and looks to kill, twin songstresses Miranda + Elektra of Say Lou Lou are ones to watch. Come ride the dream wave. ELLE SEES

Q: You have music in your blood, did that influence you as kids? At what point did you realize your talents?
A: We grew up in a musical home, both our parents and all our uncles on both sides are musicians, so it felt like music was a part of our life from very early on, or always, we were always encouraged to seek our talent or creativity, so there was never “that” moment when we realised we wanted to do music.

Q: Do you think your music and performance has evolved since you started? How so?
A: The project has grown so much from when we started, we stepped into the light with Say Lou Lou (then Saint) really early, with little material and experience, so we’ve had to develop our ideas and learn how to do this as we went along. Playing live was one of the toughest things to learn, as we’d never stood on stage in this setting before our music came out, and were kind of thrown in at the deep end. We’ve learned so much, just from touring and playing shows every night, both about ourselves and our voices, but also about the the songs and what direction to move forward in in terms of production
and soundscapes.

Q: Who are your favorite artists (music-wise)? Do you have a go-to song to get pumped before a big night?
A: Kate Bush, David Bowie, Cocteau Twins, Bat For Lashes, T.Rex, PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley..and waaay more.. A song that pumps us up before a gig is “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac!

Q: You’ve traveled quite a bit, anything memorable you’ve picked up in your travels?
A: Yes, we have! Meeting people and seeing new places becomes such a huge part of our lives doing what we do. Food is like one of the main parts of experiencing cultures to us, and Tokyo is by far the best place we’ve been both in terms of culture and food! We were on a 5 day food orgasm!

Q: Where’s your dream summer getaway?
A: Our dream summer getaway is our family’s cabin in southern Sweden, it’s by the lake and has no electricity or internet. Just laying by the fire, or on a big blanket in the grass and reading good books, or swimming the the quiet dark lake.. harmony!

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