Antoine Verglas- One Ocean, One Future

A picture taken by Antoine Verglas is immediately recognizable, as there are only a handful of photographers whose eye captures the subtleties of the most beautiful women in the world.  His mastery is evidenced in this short film featuring Serbian Supermodel Sofija Milo.  Produced for One Ocean, One Future and shot on location at Fregate Island in the Seychelles, this visually stunning collaboration serves to raise awareness to protect our oceans.

Production: One Ocean, One Future and Justin Etzin, Seychelles Ambassador of Tourism in the United States

Creative Director/ Editing: Antoine Verglas

Video Assistant/ Editing- Manuela Rana

Make-Up and Hair: Marie-Lise LaChapelle

Coordination- Lera Loeb

Special Thanks to Ronny Jumeau, Ambassador to the UN

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